Trending Now – About A Boy
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Trending Now – About A Boy

by Vanessa on April 15, 2015 in Boots,Fashion Features,Flats,Shoes & Bags,StyleTread

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Our About A Boy trend evolves to bring a sophisticated offering of gender-neutral styles. Inspired by classic tailored silhouettes, this trend embraces feminine–masculine styling with a high fashion element. Why not give your new season wardrobe an androgynous edge and check out all our top picks from this popular trend.

Image Source: Who What Wear

Image Source: Breakfast at Zara’s

Image Source: Lefashion via Photobucket

Image Source: I Dream Of Dapper

Image Source: Feedly

Image Source: Stella Wants To Die

Image Source: ModCloth

Image Source: Fashion Vibe

Image Source: Madewell

Image Source: Kenda At Large

Image Source: Colourful Rebel

1. Oliver by Tony Bianco | 2. Barina by Mollini | 3. Dillian Loafer by Sol Sana

4. Celeste by Lipstik | 5. Waldo by Silent D | 6. Lorde by Therapy

For more styling inspiration visit Styletread’s About A Boy Pinterest page.

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