Summer Blues
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Summer Blues

by Celine on December 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

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Denim and navy blue dominates this season – these cool shades have been seen on the streets and on international runways. Considered to be the season’s newest neutral, we’re excited to see our favourite silhouettes get the blue treatment. Given blues popularity and versatility, Summer Blues will give you an endless supply of styling opportunities. Navy shades add a polished finish, while softer shades give a desired casual effect to spring/summer looks.

Shop now: Kappa Blue by Silent D

Shop now: Allie Blue by Ko Fashion

Shop now: Ontys Dark Blue by Django & Juliette

Shop now: Lacy Espadrille by Walnut Melbourne

Shop now: Emin Azzuro by EOS

Shop now: Idris Azul by Sofia Cruz


1. Oceana Denim by Mollini | 2. Julia Skye by Laguna Quays | 3. Lacy Espadrille by Walnut Melbourne

4. Lewis Ink by Tony Bianco | 5. Malibu Wedge by Walnut Melbourne | 6. Jaylady Denim by Mollini



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