Meet the Designer – Silent D
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Meet the Designer – Silent D

by Vanessa on April 1, 2015 in Boots,Brands,Flats,Heels,Shoes & Bags

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Silent D designer Charlotte discusses style inspirations and Silent D’s exciting Autumn/Winter range!

Silent D by Django & Juliette offers women sophisticated, statement-making sandals, heels and boots with soft leathers, metallic embellishments and edgy trims. Inspired by urban fashion, Silent D is on trend and individual – just like you. We had the opportunity to sit down with the very talented Charlotte who is the designer at Silent D to find out about her inspirations, favourite trends and everything Styletread customers can expect from Silent D this season and beyond.

 1. What’s a typical day like as a shoe designer and where do you gain your inspiration from?

I think inspiration comes from all around us. People in the street, retail stores, nature, art and photography, television, the internet, magazines… we’re surrounded by colour and imagery in all different facets of our daily lives.

A typical day for me depends on where in the world I am and at what stage of the process I’m at! There is a fair bit of travel involved, this helps with fashion forecasting to identify key trends and also gives me a starting point in the range building process. I then collate my ideas, put them together and we’re off to China! I spend a lot of time in China working closely with the factories and sourcing leathers and materials for the range. The leather markets are another fantastic source of inspiration as the colours, patterns, and treatments that they apply to the leathers are ever changing and evolving.

2. What are the stand-out trends/ key shoe features this winter?

For me, material interest is a key trend for winter.  Whether it be laser cutting, pin punching, embossed leathers (snake, crocodile, stingray), or pony hair – a hint of difference is key to updating the classic styles this season.

3. What is the shoe of the moment in your eyes?

The shoe of the moment in my eyes is the Silent D ILANA. Ankle boots are always a fail-safe purchase. No matter the season, ankle boots just go with everything! I love the fringing and laser-cutting on ILANA, these small details give this classic bootie a little update and set them apart from other ankle boots in my wardrobe.

4. Top picks in the Silent D W15 range?

1. Ilana

2. Crow

3. Ego

4. Whoop

5. Envie

6. Waldo

5. What is your relationship with fashion and especially shoes like?

I have a very laid back relationship with fashion! I don’t spend very long getting ready… whatever is on the top of my clothes pile is what I wear for the day. I’ve got my go-to pairs of shoes to pair back with my outfits which this season are the Silent D ILANA, CROW, KASSAS, and WHOOP. When buying myself shoes and clothes, I opt for quality rather than quantity, going for pieces that will (in my mind) last me my lifetime at least and still be good! Comfort is really important to me too, as important as styling. When putting the Silent D range together, how leather and shoes themselves feel is as important to me as how they look.

6. What was your first shoe memory?

Good question! My first shoe memory would be… growing up in Hong Kong, our version of Coles or Woolies is Wellcome. I remember when I was little, collecting all the money I could find around the house and going to Wellcome to purchase 2 pairs of white canvas, plimsoll, slip on shoes for about $5HKD! As soon as I got them home, I unleashed my entire craft supplies box on them, covering them with glitter, puff paint and coloured texters. I reckon I updated my designs fortnightly for about 3 months!

Envie by Silent D

Envie by Silent D

Waldo by Silent D

Waldo by Silent D

Smelda by Silent D

Wiser by Silent D

Celez by Silent D

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